Please apply for the dances you desire to be in according to the level you’ve been consistently training at in class. As spots are limited in each dance, you may not be approved of a dance that is above or below your training level, to ensure that there is space for all dancers to have the opportunity to shine <3

A reminder about levels~


No dance experience necessary! For the individual who craves empowerment, dance, and community. Heels fundamentals will be taught, and steps will be broken down accessibly for even the absolute beginner to grasp.


Some dance experience recommended. Steps will still be taught at an accessible pace but the routine itself may push you insofar as speed or intricacy.


Dance or heels experience strongly recommended. Choreography will be set to push or challenge you in speed, difficulty, or execution.


Open to dancers of any level. Attention is paid to the variety of levels present in each class and modifications are suggested to make movements either easier or more challenging for each student.